Coating Tools
Slot Die

The coating tool, slot die , is used for precision coating of liquid crystal panels, highly-functional films, and lithium-ion secondary batteries.
The blade edge of the slot die adopts micro-fine cemented carbide. Superior processing technology and an environment of strictly controlled temperatures produce our high-accuracy products.

Application ranges include

  • ・Lithium Ion Battery
  • ・OLED
  • ・MLCC
  • ・Capacitor
  • ・Functional Films
  • ・Thin Film Solar Cells / Organic Solar Cells
  • ・Fuel Cells
  • ・LCD
  • ・Optical Films
Application ranges include

High precision from proprietary grinding technology

Our grinding technology enables us to improve the coating uniformity with a razor-sharp coating lip below 2μm/m straightness.

Long-life and high quality coating due to tungsten carbide lips

A combination of corrosion-resistant carbide and wear-resistant stainless steel alloy delivers high quality coating while maintaining durability and longevity.

Custom sizing

Can be manufactured to lengths up to 3800mm (149inch) for higher efficiency and productivity.

Application ranges

  • ・Length available : Max. 3800mm
  • ・Dry film thickness : 10nm - 0.7mm
  • ・Wet film thickness : 3μm - 1mm
  • ・Viscosity : About 1cps - 50,000cps

Various coating patterns

Available in intermittent coating, stripe coating, and patch coating patterns.

Slit width adjustment systems

Bolt adjustment

  • ・Manual adjustment for finer control
  • ・Expansion and contraction of lip gap


Digipress adjustment

  • ・Quantitative process control
  • ・Consistency and repeatability
  • ・Digital output for user friendliness
  • ・Sliding modules for target area adjustment


Tungsten carbide lip

Sub-micro grain cemented carbide TF15


TF15 grade has exceptional advantages of high strength and toughness with optimizing high breakage resistance and strong edge sharpness.

Conceptional position of cemented carbide


Properties of grade


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