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Three Roll

Solid rolls are essential to the iron and steel industries. The heat-resistant and deform resistant cemented carbide can mill steel heated to approximately 1000ºC. This contributes to the high-efficiency rate in the production of steel. 3-rolls for Reducing & Sizing Block (RSB) maintain rolling efficiency and operation rates high-level.And you can change your product size in a short time with the rolls,so it is suitable for special steel production which needs high-mix low-volume production.

Reheating Furnace/Roughing Stand/Intermediate Stand/Three Roll

  • ● Mitsubishi Carbide roll can be used under rolling speed of 2-110m/sec.
    • ・Newest material technology
    • ・Clamping mechanism endurable to high load rolling
  • ● Total technical support
  • ● Mitsubishi Materials, the top supplier in the world of carbide rolls, presents high quality control system.
  • ● Available for low temperature rolling at 650 - 850℃
  • ● For highly accurate rolling of wire rods and size free rolling

Recommended grades

GX Series


Shows a superior resistance to thermal crack and thermal fatigue under repeated heating and cooling condition, and also an excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. This series is most suitable for hot rolling.

GTi-S Series


Shows a good crack resistance and wear resistance.

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