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Super-precision for generation technology across a variety of industries including,lithium ion batteries,thin film solar,OLED and fuel cell.
slotdie Lip Edge Slit Surface Mani‚†old リップ 溝面 マニホールド
  • Thin film coating applications from liquid crystal displays to fuel cells
  • Highest precision due to submicron tolerance
  1. Coating Lip
  2. Inner Surface
  3. Cavity
  4. Organization of Materials
  5. Technics of Measurement
  6. Slit-Width Adjustment Mechanism
Possible Production Size
Tungsten Carbide Stainless
3.1m 3.8m

1.Coating Lip
Mitsubishi Materials offers next generation tungsten carbide Coating Lips, as well as traditional stainless steel, to meet the most rigorous of industry needs.

Detail of Lip
Example of super finish grinding of
cemented carbide
Condition of super finishing grinding
  1. Micro-level edge sharpness
  2. Zero burr carbide edge
  3. Consistency in surface roughness utilizing proprietary mechanical grinding
    Cemented Carbide Stainless Steel
    Below Rz0.1μm Below Rz0.2μm
  4. Straightness of upper Coating Lip edge 1μm/m
  5. Coating Lip is offered in both tungsten carbide and stainless steel.

2.Inner Surface
Precise attention is given to the surface roughness and straightness of the inner surface to match the consistency and accuracy of the Coating Lip.
Picture of Inner Surface
Detail of Inner Surface
  1. Consistency in surface roughness utilizing proprietary mechanical grinding
    (Grinding only)
    CementedCarbide StainlessSteel
    Below Rz0.1μm Below Rz0.2μm
  2. Straightness of inner surface 1μm/m

Mitsubishi Materials realizes the crucial impact of cavity design in slot die coating performance.
Cavity design is perfected through fully simulated fluid analysis
Picture of Cavity
Detail of Cavity
  1. Surface Roughness
    Below Rz0.2μm
  2. Cavity Design utilizing computer-aided Fluid Analysis
  3. Cavity Design utilizing computer-aided Fluid Analysis

4.Slot die Material Composition
Variety of material composition available
Body Stainless
Stainless Titanium Alloy
Titanium Titanium
Lip Carbide Carbide Stainless

5.Non-contact Inspection Technology
In order to preserve the detailed finish and edge of Mitsubishi Materials slot dies, we developed non-contact inspection technology to measure the finished product.
Mitsubishi Materials unique design
for slot dies inspection
An exclusive measuring instrument for Slot Die
  1. Measurement of Slit width
    1. CCD camera non-contact measurement
    2. Continual measurement along the full length
    3. High accuracy measurement with exclusive inspection device
  2. Straightness
    1. Laser displacement gauge non-contact measurement

6.DigiPress Adjustment
This patented slit width adjustment system controls width down to the micron in order to achieve perfect uniformity.
Outline of Oil Pressure Mechanism
Diagram of Hydraulic Pressure Mechanism
(Sectional View of Hydraulic Pressure Unit)
Slot Die Coater with Slit-Width
Adjustment Mechanism
Slot Die Coater
  1. Adjustable slit width at micron level
  2. Digital display quantitative control